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Thank You!  Morgan Park United Methodist Church sincerely thanks all who participated in our 2020 “Hats (and Scarfs) for the Homeless III” Advent Program. This year we again doubled the number of items donated in the prior year. With help from individual donors and organizations, this year we were able to donate 250 hats and 133 scarfs, along with other items, making a total of 417 items donated to the homeless and the needy.

Our thanks to Karen Jellema, HR Director at Smith Senior Living, and resident needle workers at Smith Village for their contributions, as well as to Trinity United Methodist Church. Thanks to the many individuals who donated multiple items. A very special thank you to several “Super Donors”: one anonymous donor who gave a box with dozens of hats; another anonymous donor who gave a bag with more than two dozen items, including two blankets; an avid crocheter friend of the church, Daphne Robinson, who donated 38 sets of hats and scarfs; and Progressive Word Church which donated not only many hats, but socks, gloves and jeans, as well.

May you all be richly blessed for your kindness and generosity, for you provided, not just warmth, but also spiritual uplift and hope to those who received your gifts this holiday season.

Thank you to the MPUMC and greater Beverly/Morgan Park community for your outpouring of support for the Hats (and scarfs) for the homeless.  Over 80 handmade hats and scarfs were kitted or crocheted and delivered to the church.  Some sent from as far away as Peoria, IL.  They were blessed on Sunday, December 16th with the following blessing and will be delivered by our own “Santa Claus” Pastor Dennis, on Saturday, December 22nd to South Suburban PADS, just in time for a Christmas blessing.





During the fall and Advent season, Morgan Park United Methodist Church invited the community to join in knitting or crocheting hats and scarfs, to be given as Christmas donations to homeless shelters, as part of our Advent Outreach Program, running through December 10th. Knitters and crocheters that worked on their own dropped off finished items at the church by Saturday, December 12th. For more information on future projects, please contact the church office at

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